Not for Them

for want of a father final copy

The word didn’t come at midnight, but at nearly noon instead. Kindle Press did not accept For Want of a Father for publication. I was disappointed but not surprised. After all, I have nominated half a dozen books by other authors for publication and only one has been accepted, so my reading preferences are not the same as the editors. Or maybe the non-acceptance was for another reason than whether an editor considered the book a good read. Reasons are not a part of the rejection message.

Even though my book was not accepted for publication, I did learn a great deal from the campaign process. I will be sharing some of those learned lessons on this blog in the days to come and also at the June 11 District 2 meeting of the Kansas Authors Club in Lawrence.

What happens next for the book? I will be doing a final revision of For Want of a Father and then formatting it for e-book and paperback publication. Projected publication date is June 30. If you nominated the book, Kindle will send you an e-mail when it is available for publication. I will also be running a free promotion during the launch and posting the dates on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who nominated For Want of a Father during my Kindle Scout campaign. I appreciate your time and your vote.

Coming Soon: Cordelia’s Journey

At last! The Kansas Authors Club convention is over, and I can write about Cordelia’s Journey, the first book in the Pierce Family Saga by title. I had entered the club’s first pages of a novel contest. Submissions were supposed to be anonymous, and my understanding was I couldn’t publish my connection to the book on the Internet until the convention was over, which was October 4. I am proud to say the novel received an honorable mention.

KAC 2015 award

Cordelia’s Journey is a coming-of-age novel set in Kansas Territory in 1855. It traces a thirteen-year-old runaway girl’s 150-mile journey down the Kansas River. Destination: her aunt in Westport, Missouri. Goal: To enlist her aunt in returning home with her in an attempt to save her mother’s life. Fear of discovery and a lack of funds slow her down, even as events on the trail shock her into breaking her word and finding quicker transportation.

My original launch date was planned for October 20, 2015. However, cover issues have made me move that date to October 25, 2015. If the permanent cover is still unavailable at that time, I will go forward using Create Space’s cover creator and shift to the final cover when it is finished. I love print on demand and the flexibility of making changes when needed.