Title for Book 5 of Pierce Family Saga

1st book cover attempt

Working title

Ever since publishing Hiram’s War in May, I’ve been searching for a working title for the next book in the series. Somehow a title helps me focus on the story. A few mornings ago, I had an “aha!” moment. I was so impressed with the idea that I headed over to Canva and made a temporary book cover. Emphasis is on “temporary” because maybe the title isn’t as good as I think.

The thought process that led me to Hiram’s Girls went like this. I wanted to focus on Jennie and Ella and their lives after moving in with their father. For several days, all that came to mind was Life with Pa. Ugh! Then I thought of the previous two titles in the series: Hiram’s Boy and Hiram’s War. So why not Hiram’s Girls?

Question: Does my “aha!” moment appeal to readers as much as it did to me? Should I keep searching? Do you have a suggestion for a title?

What? You need to know what Book 5 will be about before you suggest a title?

Here’s what I know: It is November 1864, and I’m thinking the book will extend to the end of the year, so Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will be in the book as Jennie, 12, and Ella, 14, adjust to their lives in Hidden Springs with their three little sisters, ages 3 months to 2 years, and, of course, their father, Hiram Pierce. What could possibly go wrong? I’m making a list. Check back later for more developments.

15 thoughts on “Title for Book 5 of Pierce Family Saga

  1. Hazel, I am excited to find out how the girls get along and where this book takes them. Hiram’s Girls is a perfect title. The cover is nice but some of the words are hard to read. It is a little non-descript. Maybe a border or house or something to draw us in.
    Can’t wait!


    • Thank you for the suggestions. I’m excited to explore what Jennie and Ella are up against as they take over the house and and the care of their little sisters .


    • Cannie, Thank you for your interest in the Pierce Family Saga. Hiram is ready to apologize to Ambrose; however, Ambrose isn’t ready to accept. I’m not sure he ever will be, but maybe in Book 6 when the Civil War is over and Ambrose moves his family back to Kansas, a reunion can take place. The other two are off to live their lives in the east, at least for the next couple of books. Book 5, which is Hiram’s Girls, focuses on Jennie and Ella living with Hiram during Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1864. There are some surprises, and I’m working hard to finish the book by early next year. In the meantime, I will post my progress here, so if you are interested in keeping up with what is happening, please subscribe.


      • I’m aiming for August. I have finished the rough draft and am working hard on the revisions: filling in plot holes and checking out the facts,
        historical and other.


  2. I absolutely loved these 4 books. They are set in my favorite time period. I’m so happy there will be a 5th book. The characters are so fascinating. Like Cami above I was wondering if Hiram will ever reunite with Ambrose? Will he apologize to him? You kinda answered those 2 questions. I was also wondering if he’ll ever come to love his daughters—all of them including Delia or at the very least come to some sort of resolution with them. It just breaks my heart he doesn’t “see” the worth of having daughters. Girls need their fathers. Hiram is such a “hard”/“difficult” man.
    Thank-you for keeping me entertained and writing these books.


    • Edith, I’m so glad you have enjoyed the first four books of the Pierce Family Saga. All questions that you asked will be answered in Book 5, Hiram’s Girls. It should be available in March or April, 2021. I am working hard to tie up loose ends before starting a new series, a spinoff with Aunt Hannah as the lead character.


  3. Hazel, I have enjoyed reading about the Pierce family, and the struggles that families went through during the mid 1800’s. I am in book four, and have preordered book five. I am from Emporia so I am hoping that I get the opportunity to meet you.


    • Lee, it has been a while since I replied to someone, and I think the process has changed. If you’ve received a reply elsewhere, I apologize for doing it twice, but better than not at all. To repeat what I tried to say earlier, I will be participating in the Halfway to Everywhere Festival in Emporia on Labor Day Weekend. I believe the literary portion will be on September 4. I’m not certain of the exact location, but I will post something when I know for sure. If you can make it, please come and say hello.


    • Lee, Sadly, because of the resurgence of COVID, the literary event on September 4 has been cancelled. Hopefully, there will be another later this year.


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